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There are many reasons why you should choose BRUCHA. For 70 years, we have been producing superior insulation for industrial, commercial and agricultural buildings, as well as assembling this for the construction of clean rooms, cold storage and high-rack warehouses. We consider ourselves a high-end manufacturer offering a comprehensive range of services, both as a supplier of BRUCHAPaneel panels and EPS insulating panels, and as an assembly specialist in cold storage construction.

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Colorful and efficient cooling panels thanks to colofer®

Few people are familiar with the insulation specialist Brucha, but everyone is familiar the company’s color sandwich panels. voestalpine supplies the colofer® color-coated steel sheets for the panels.

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The following BRUCHAPaneel panels fit your selection criteria:

BRUCHAPaneel panel FP-F

The BRUCHAPaneel fire protection façade panel – FP-F with its insulating core made of structural, vertically aligned mineral wool provides optimal fire protection.

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BRUCHAPaneel panel FP-P

The BRUCHA façade panel premium – FP-P is an innovative enhancement to the BRUCHAPaneel façade (FP).

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BRUCHAPaneel panel FP-P-S

Choose from 19 various possible profile-combinations. Generate your own individual panel.

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BRUCHAPaneel panel FP

The BRUCHAPaneel PIR+ facade panel - FP with invisible fixings creates a wide range of architecturally sophisticated solutions.

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Glass Sandwich Panel GSP®

The GSP® Glass Sandwich Panel is a 3-in-1 product that combines a wall, insulation and a glass surface in one building inspection-approved construction element with almost unlimited design options.

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BRUCHAPaneel panel WP

This system can also be used for complex building shapes and provides, based on the large distance between the columns, very cost effective construction method.

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BRUCHAPaneel panel WP-F

The BRUCHAPaneel fire protection wall panel - WP-F with the economic construction width of 1100 mm allows a practice oriented and clean solution for external in internal walls.

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BRUCHAPaneel panel WP-A

The BRUCHAPaneel Acoustic - WP-A provides a practical and clean solution for sound absorption and insulation against airborne sound, for interior walls and false ceilings.

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BRUCHAPaneel Design+ panel

Designer façade – core of either PIR+ or mineral wool available.

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This system is designed as a carrier for projects utilising the benefits of a sandwich panel wall and with a need for flexibility when it comes to façade design.

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BRUCHAPaneel panel DP-F

The extremely trapezoidal form of the upper sandwich element provides a high level of stability and enables easy adjustment to the static requirements.

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BRUCHAPaneel panel DP

The extremely trapezoidal form of the upper sandwich element provides a high level of stability and allows the panels to be adapted to the static conditions with no fuss.

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BRUCHAPaneel Eco-roof panel

Reasonably priced alternative to BRUCHAPaneel panel PUR roof - DP

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BRUCHAPaneel panel DP-L

The DP-L roof light panel can be installed without changing the BRUCHAPaneel PUR roof - DP system and does not require any additional substructures.

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